SOMA Specialized Ayurvedic Massage Table is the premier Therapy Table for Ayurvedic Practitioners, Doctors, and Spas. It provides the versatility of the traditional drohni, with the comfort and portability of a modern massage table. 
With an extra-wide and extra-long design made with oil-resistant material and specialized features for Ayurvedic treatments, this table fits virtually all body types and accommodates most traditional Ayurvedic therapies. 

  • Extra-wide and extra-long dimensions ideal for Ayurveda therapeutics (33''wide x 80'' long) and fits virtually all body types.

  • Winged edges keep oil contained, prevent dripping, and keep oily bodies from slipping.

  • Fits various steam tent equipment for Swedena. 

  • Shiro Headrest for Shirodhara cleanly funnels oil, and contours neck for client comfort. Also doubles as an adjustable diagonal headrest for Nasya Therapy, and makes washing hair post-Shirodhara/Takradhara possible as a relaxing extension of therapy, for clinics without showers.

  • Over 2 inches of padding.

  • Oil resistant vinyl covering. Use with sheets, or without. 

  • Reusable oil-resistant sheet included.

  • Adjustable Height (23.8" - 33.8'' height range).

  • Portable, with side-handles and carrying case (34 lb table weight).

  • Stows away easily, for professional or home use.

  • Beautiful dark walnut colored woodlen legs.

  • Inserts on both sides fit standard face cradles (adjustable headrest support insert included)

  • Optional add-on: Padded Face Rest for prone therapies. 



 Inspiration for these tables came from a need for a new table for our Ayurvedic Clinic in Northern California. We found the dimensions and versatility that we needed to be unfound in standard massage tables on the market in the US. After an elaborate search, we figured that we must not be the only ones who could use these! I hope they serve you as they do us. 

- Madison Madden, Owner, Ayurvedic Doctor

Co-Founder, Pacific Coast Ayurveda




We ship throughout the United States.


For international inqueries, please call. 

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Copyright 2018 by SOMA Specialized. Photography by Pink Dahlia Photography and Madison Madden