Made out of recycled sailcloth called stamoid, a marine grade, waterproof and mildew resistant, vinyl-like fabric. The tent is six feet long and fits over standard massage tables. The tail at the end of the tent is a 16" diameter circular tube that fits around the steam pot. The steam rises through the tail and circulates the steam evenly inside the tent. The tent is foldable and fits into a carry bag. The bag, steampot, rods, online instructional dvd and manual are included. Handmade with care by a professional seamstress who is also a Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner.


The steampot is simple, effective, safe, but nothing fancy. Just turn it on high, put the tent sleever over it, wait 10 minutes and the steam will begin to fill the tent effortlessly without a fan. There is no need for a thermometer if you are monitering your client properly. If your client's nose and ears start to turn red, it's time to take them out! Always ask your client how they feel. The tent can instantly be lifted off the table and a rush of cool air will refresh your client immediately. You can pass a towel or sheet through the neck of the tent so they are draped properly before you remove the tent. Full instructions are in the online manual that it comes with, as well as the online DVD. The DVD demonstrates a dry skin brushing (garshana) prior to the steam therapy.


Add herbs and essential oils to the steampot for additional sensation and therapeutic effect! Ask us about our custom made table cover. It is made of the same fabric as the tent and will protect your linens and massage table from the steam. I have found that if you use it only a few times per week, you do not need the table cover. If you plan to use it all the time, you will need one. The table cover is $108 and is made with rounded edges that snuggly fit your table with a string adjuster. I will email you a secure order form should you wish to purchase the table cover.


Our tent is easy to put together when it arrives and easy to take apart if you want to travel with it. It comes in a variety of lovely colors as well. Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping as most of them are custom made with precision and care. 


Swedena Steam Canopy

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